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Psychological Assessments

At Brenna Lanktree and Associates, Inc. our Registered Psychologist, Alara Hedebring, provides psychological assessments. 

Psycho-educational Assessment

Is schoolwork a struggle despite trying everything you can think of? Does your child struggle with reading and/or writing? Psycho-educational Assessment provides valuable insights into why children may be struggling in school and what kind of targeted skill building can help.

Gifted and Talented Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your child has advanced cognitive abilities? Are you considering enrolling your child in a gifted/advanced program? Gifted and Talented Assessment provides valuable insight into your child’s cognitive abilities and how to nurture their talents.

ADHD Assessment

Are you constantly reminding your child to focus on what they are doing? Do you notice your child never stops moving? ADHD Assessment provides valuable insights into executive functioning deficits. The assessment identifies the skills needed to improve behavioral functioning and relationships at school and home.

Adult/Child Autism Assessment

Have you wondered if you or your child might be on the spectrum? Autism Assessment provides the answer to this question through rigorous evidence-based diagnostic protocols. The assessment identifies skills and strategies needed to improve areas of struggle in school, work and relationships.

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