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Behaviour Therapy

At Brenna Lanktree and Associates, Inc. our team provides both focused behaviour therapy and comprehensive behaviour therapy. 

Focused Behaviour Therapy


Skill-Based Treatment (SBT)

Skill-Based Treatment is a program developed by Dr. Gregory Hanley to address severe problem behaviour by teaching communication, toleration, and cooperation. Our team has received several hours of in person and virtual training through Dr. Hanleys group ( and our ABA therapists are credentialed at level 3 to implement SBT.

The Balance Program

The Balance Program was developed by Dr. Kelsey Ruppel and aims prevent the development of severe problem behaviour in children that may be engaging in non-dangerous problem behaviour such as whining, yelling, flopping to the floor, swiping items.  The program consists of 10 customizable lessons, over 12 weeks, rooted in behavioural and early childhood research. This program can be done in centre, with an ABA therapist, or at home with a caregiver.  Our team has received consultation with Dr. Ruppel for over 1.5 years and is highly trained in implementing The Balance Program.

Universal Life Skills

The universal life skills program teaches children communication, cooperation, toleration, social, and adaptive skills. These skills are individualized and taught in centre, home, and in the community, over a 12 week period. This program is primarily for children who are not able to attend school full time.

Comprehensive Behaviour Therapy

Comprehensive Behaviour Therapy is a combination of many different programs, including social, emotional, cognitive, and daily-living skills, among others, that are run in conjunction with one another.  For example, a child may be working on toileting, selective eating, emotional regulation, identifying letters and numbers, hand-washing, and sharing, with all of the programs being run on a daily basis. 


Please contact Tanya Vommaro @ or 705-575-5515 for information on prices for the above programs

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